A brand new state of the art school building in the premium location of Al Hizam al Thahabi in Khobar.

Boys and girls of all nationalities (gender segregated).

Register through the website, contact us on Twitter, call our number, or visit us at the school.

Sunday to Thursday, 7am-1:15pm and then clubs until 2:00pm (Sunday to Wednesday)

We will be number one in the kingdom to build prolific leaders and innovators serving their local and international community.

Leader in me, Al Noos, STEAM, standardised test preparation, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, coding, mental math and many others

All our operations, programs, planning, curriculum and recruitment have a primary objective in mind- incorporating the best of two worlds; developing our students to have outstanding global academic standards whilst maintaining a strong identity in line with Middle Eastern traditions and Islamic values.

Homework, sports, enrichment, entertainment, creativity, values, community programs, standardised test prep, languages etc.

Language Arts, Artificial Intelligence, Math, Science, Leader in Me, Al Noos, Arabic, Islam, Social Studies (English), Social Studies (Arabic), French, Art, P.E

School prefects, nourish & grow, summer international trips, talent competitions, value of the week, healthy eating and many more.

All our classes are gender segregated. We have separate sections for boys and girls. We follow the esnad system where grades 1-3 boys are taught by female teachers.

Our KG is run by Insan Academy which has a high space per child, low child per teacher ratio, montessori system, safe and healthy environment, bilingual system, students are prepared to be proud of their identity.

Register through the website and someone will contact you.

Western, native speaking homeroom teachers from England, America and Canada, bilingual system, unique education block system, N&G system

It means “nourish and grow”. The system is a unique idea developed based on the emotional needs of students, and the safety concerns of parents- both physical and intellectual. It starts at the beginning of the school day between 7am and 8am where students will locate to their homeroom teachers who will check their emotions, homework, mood and attendance and report back live to parents. Students will then proceed to have value programs before moving on to the English block step in our unique block system where homework will also be completed.

An international school, American system for grades 1-9 and a Saudi national system for grade 10, and KG1-3

For grades 1-3, the school day is broken down into blocks, N&G, English block, Arabic block, Enrichment block and then clubs, allowing for time for homework to be completed at school.

Correct, all homework will be completed at school during the homework section of the block system.

We are an education company that is part of a holding company. We have more than twenty years of experience running schools in Al Ahsa and Riyadh.

This is the period of self discovery and self learning. As well as the core subjects, students will participate in value programs, personality programs like leader in me, and enrichment programs with a focus on AI, robotics and science as well as clubs designed to develop their hobbies, interests and talent.

We provide a premium educational environment with global standards and traditional values. We engage with the community and have strong communication with parents. Our environment is safe- physically, intellectually and psychologically. We have a unique learning environment with original systems such as our N & G system and offer a variety of original programs and have a strong focus on science, robotics and AI.

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We are a brand new school with the building just finishing construction. We plan on creating unique educational experiences and facilities such as VR rooms, as well as STEAM labs, computer labs, facilities for a variety of sports

Tuition, books and clubs (some clubs may require an additional fee)

Paging system, Kifah LMS, interactive data show, VR lab, online payment and application system, school application, robotic lab, esports room, digital meal plan, student portfolio reporting.

Yes we have special uniforms for all grades.

Only healthy food is allowed at our school.

Before the start of school at the end of August, you will be directed to our supplier.

School buses with tracking systems.

All our English teachers and English block homeroom teachers are native English speakers from America, UK, Canada and South Africa. Other subject teachers are composed of a variety of nationalities from around the world.

Through our school app.

Academic management is mainly composed of Western (England, America etc) professionals of high values and morals.

Parents do not have to worry about homework. All homework will be completed at school. Parents should follow up on lessons, aid with projects and ensure their children have the supplies requested by the school.